Harvest more with Magical GROW!

The world's most advanced in-home grow system is here.

For hobby or lifestyle, Magical GROW is the automated, AI-driven growing device you’ve been waiting for.

Come GROW with us.

The world's most advanced in-home grow system is here.

For hobby or lifestyle, Magical GROW is the automated, AI-driven growing device you’ve been waiting for.

Control Panel

A simple touchscreen where you can do it all. Start your grow. Download a grow recipe. Customize the cycle.
Want full automation? Just choose your plant, download a grow recipe, and press start. The panel displays real-time vitals and alerts while GROW shifts automatically from veg to bloom to harvest.
For a fully custom grow, use the same easy interface or the GROW app on your phone. Choose climate, lighting, and nutrient settings for every stage of growth.


Full coverage. Amazing results. Our powerful canopy and side panels give your plant 300 true watts of efficient LED lighting. Customize the lighting cycles on your own grow recipe or let GROW optimize automatically with a downloaded recipe from our collection.
And we didn’t just light GROW for superior growth, we thought it should look good too.

Grow Area

Grow what you want. GROW gives you more than 20 cubic feet to do it. Forget limitations like small plants and dwarf varieties. Let your plants reach their full potential with impressive yields and astonishing harvests.

Environmental Controls

For healthy plants, big yields, and brag-worthy harvests, conditions matter. Our industry-leading AI technology controls, monitors, and automatically adjusts cabinet temperature, humidity, air circulation and quality, and CO2 levels in real time. GROW keeps your plant comfy so it can thrive.

Nutrient Delivery

We made sure feeding was a breeze. For starters, you get a full grow’s worth of our proprietary combination of best-in-class nutrients and pH adjusters. And everything — meaning sensing, mixing, and delivery — is automatic and real-time. Even water fills and changes are simple.
Grow With Confidence.
No guesswork. No wondering if you’re doing it right. Magical GROW keeps you up to date, and your plant thriving at all times.
Go Ahead and Show Off
Forget the basement. Even the closet. Magical GROW looks so good you can put it anywhere.
Choose your path.

Easy Automation

Full Automation



The control panel gives you total command and infinite opportunities to adjust and master your grow recipes.


Our community of growers offers inspiration to maximize harvest time and yield, and a platform to share with others.


GROW's AI sends alerts and captures time-lapse photos so you can micro-adjust the environment to ensure vitality.


Forget the basement. Even the closet. GROW looks so good you can put it anywhere.


Sleek design. Professional LED lighting. Tinted glass door. GROW is an attractive statement piece in your home.


With ample room to grow and complete automation, your plant will thrive and yield extraordinary harvests.
Limited quantities at a special price.
Time to Grow!

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Open-source grow recipes

Lighting cycles. Cabinet temperature. pH levels. Nutrient delivery. Grow recipes define the variables for maximum growth and yields, for each variety, at each stage. Download one from our database of proven, expert-created grow recipes, or create and publish your own.

Open-source grow recipes

Grow big, flavorful heirloom tomatoes year ‘round.

Bell Pepper

Have an endless supply of juicy, crisp bell peppers.


Grow zucchini and summer squash.

What will you give?

Control Panel

Mobile App


Easy-to-use touchscreen

Whether you want to automate or customize, you get all the info you need in one spot: easy set-up instructions, cloud-based grow recipes, and your plant’s vitals and alerts.

Anywhere Monitoring

Do just about everything from your phone. Get grow alerts. View and adjust the growing environment. Create or download grow recipes. Capture and share time-lapse photos.

Fully loaded

Creating the best indoor growing experience meant building in the most efficient and innovative technology. This AI-driven growing cabinet also includes:
On-board camera
Expertly crafted nutrients
One-way mirrored glass
Interactive Touchscreen
Odor Control

Technical Specifications


Magical GROW offers more options and massive yields with an industry-leading 20+ cu ft inside. Forget limitations like small plants and dwarf varieties. Similar in size to a refrigerator, GROW is 25” deep, 28” wide and 70” tall. It’s 27.75” wide, and 69.5” tall.


Magical GROW generates more than 250,000 independent data points every day as it tracks, monitors, adjusts and learns. Lab-quality sensors ensure the perfect temperature, humidity, air circulation and quality, and CO2 levels for maximum growth. You can manage all targets and operations on the 5" x 7" touchscreen control panel or mobile app. Connect to the cloud for downloadable crafted grow recipes, access to online storage of your time-lapse photos, and system upgrades. Available in the App Store or on Google Play, the GROW App lets you view your plants and monitor and manage your targets — like temperature, humidity, nutrient level, flood cycles, and light status — from anywhere, anytime. Search and download new recipes from the Forum or create, edit, and improve grow recipes from the easy smartphone interface.


Magical GROW is equipped with 300 watts of true LED lighting from a powerful 250w canopy light and twin 25w side light panels, an ideal 800-1,300 umols of light in the growing zone. This means fuller coverage, dense, bushy growth, and amazing results. GROW delivers the right light for fast growth, bigger buds, and more fruit. Side lights feature proven progressive-spectrum LED placement that gives plants the right spectrum, to the right parts of the plant, at just the right stage of growth. GROW lights are fully customizable in both duration and intensity, with programmable start times, auto on/off and dimmable options. Developed with LED lighting experts in Holland and Canada, they feature a custom blended spectrum, from just-enough UV light to exclusive far-red diodes that are practically invisible to the naked eye.


Magical GROW actively monitors and controls all key HVAC variables, including temperature, humidity, air circulation, and ventilation on a real-time basis to grow bigger, healthier plants, faster than ever. GROW's HVAC system will always keep your plant at its ideal temperature to minimize stress and maximize yields — even in an unheated room like a garage or basement. The HVAC system is powered by a water-chilled cooling system that offsets heat from the grow lights and actively dehumidifies the grow space as plants mature. Seven independent fans circulate air in and around your plant. Air is exchanged periodically with the outside room through sealed carbon filters to eliminate odors moving out and contaminants moving in. The humidification system adds moisture to maximize growth in early stages. Once your plant has matured and you are ready to harvest or dry it, GROW gradually reduces the rH and air exchange, drying crops perfectly so as not to impact flavor or introduce molds.


Magical GROW monitors nutrient strength and pH in real time with lab-quality sensors, and adjusts automatically to hit targets optimized by plant variety and stage of growth. It automatically blends nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and micronutrients in the right ratios to maximize the growth, flowering, fruit set, and flavor of any variety of plant at every stage of growth. pH is automatically adjusted in real time to ideal levels that maximize nutrient uptake, making sure your plants always get what they need. Setting proper nutrient levels is as easy as pressing “grow” on one of our pre-set recipes, or customizing to the levels your plants will prefer. Finally, we chose to use a fully customizable flood-and-drain nutrient delivery system. Nutrient-rich water bathes the plant roots at regular intervals then drains away, pulling in plentiful oxygen to the root level and maximizing metabolism and growth.

Free White Glove Delivery

We are pleased to offer free in-home premium delivery for your GROW.


Premium service includes placement into your home and the removal of all packing materials and wooden pallet.
At this time, premium in-home delivery service reaches 90% of the contiguous 48 states.
We will contact you if you fall within the 10% to discuss options.
Deliveries above or below the second floor require the use of a working elevator.
All in-home deliveries for the GROW require an appointment with our Freight Carrier.
It is recommended to prepare for your delivery by measuring your delivery path and deciding GROW placement prior to delivery. Doorway openings need to be at least 29 inches wide.
If you purchased parts and accessories with a GROW, they will ship separately.


We’ll contact you directly to finalize your delivery date and time. Delivery dates are estimates and subject to change based on product availability and other factors.
Please note that you will receive communications to track your order informing you of the following:
When your BLOOM leaves our warehouse (expect 4 to 8 business days for delivery).
When it is time to set up your desired 2-hour delivery appointment. Delivery window must be within the timeframe of 8 A.M. to 7 P.M, Monday through Friday.
Delivery reminder one day prior to your delivery appointment.
Notification informing you that your BLOOM is about to arrive.

Contactless Delivery

During this time of uncertainty, the health and safety of our service providers and consumers is our first priority.
In an effort to minimize physical interaction, please contact customer service to discuss your delivery needs customerservice@bloomgrows.com.

Come GROW with us.

We have a limited number of Cabinets at a special price.
BLOOM by Botanicare Beta Program
Get in at the beginning. Talk to our experts. Share your ideas.
When you join the BLOOM Beta Program, you join the team that’s refining and advancing the world’s most sophisticated growing system, and you help form the foundation for a global community of growers.
Is BLOOM Beta right for you?
One of the best parts of being an early adopter is sharing your experience with others. We want to hear about it. We’re looking for people who can commit 1-2 hours a week to exploring BLOOM’s capabilities and reporting back to our product team and community.
We’re here for you through your entire grow journey, with access to our Product Development team, Customer Support Specialists, and community of experts.
As part of the BLOOM Beta Program, you will:
Participate in our online forum.
  • Keep the community active by responding to other forum members’ posts and, where you’re comfortable, answering their questions.  
  • Regularly visit the forum to post your own questions, so we can grow our collective knowledge base. 
Answer surveys about what went right and what could go better. 
  • At least twice during the program, complete a short survey, which should take you less than 5 minutes.
  • Provide brutally honest feedback at every step of the process to help us improve all aspects of product performance. 
Attend optional online check-ins with the community and our team.
  • Join conversations with our Customer Support Specialists, Lead Product Developer and other Beta participants so you can provide suggestions, pose questions, and share any frustrations. 
  • Get details on the latest software updates, tips, and techniques to improve your experience with BLOOM and overall plant growth. 
  • Learn from and interact with other Beta participants and product experts. 
Rate the product and answer Customer Support satisfaction surveys. 
  • Help us improve the experience for you and future BLOOM customers with these quick and easy questions. 
Please note that in order to participate in the BLOOM Beta Program, you will need to commit to these expectations at checkout. Commitment to the BLOOM by Botanicare Beta Program is expected for the entirety of your first grow (about 4-6 months).