How do you build the world’s best growing device?

Inspiration. Expertise. Relentless tinkering.

Yeah, you could do it yourself. You could walk into a hydroponics store and probably buy all the pieces and parts to grow indoors at home. Maybe you already have. Or maybe you’d rather the experts — lighting geeks, cooling system pros, nutrient delivery system nerds, electronics wizards, and engineering geniuses — figure it out and design it into a sleek device that fits neatly into your home and your life.
So that’s what we did.
Until today, you couldn’t buy the power, sophistication, capacity, and ease of BLOOM off the shelf. Not like this. Indoor growing isn’t brand new, but it’s never been this effortless. Plus, BLOOM doesn’t just simplify the process, it amplifies the scale and delivers extraordinary results.
Our goal brought us together

Our obsession took us the rest of the way.

When your objective includes the words “world’s best,” it’s not enough to tap the smartest folks in the room, or even in the office. We needed the best of the best. That meant forging partnerships across businesses and industries, time zones and international borders. And it worked. Bringing all these organizations together let us do something that hadn’t been done before, at least not well enough.

10,000 Engineering Challenges Packed Into One Neat Box

All our experts brought all their biggest ideas to the table when we started developing BLOOM. We compiled a list of all the extraordinary features we wanted in the world’s best growing device, and they worked together to figure out how each one fits not just neatly into the device, but cooperatively into the growing process. Once our LED experts determined how much light we needed to create maximum yields, our cooling system experts needed to develop a chilling space that would balance the heat of the lights. Then it was humidity, air exchange, nutrient delivery, pH balance, ease of use, growing space, and more. Building BLOOM meant facing a string of creative and technical hurdles that, working together, we cleared every time.


BLOOM is just the beginning.

We’re revolutionizing the way the world grows.
Building the world’s best-growing device was certainly a big goal. But it’s not the end goal. We’re here to cultivate a new way to grow, indoors, at home, in your kitchen even. We’re here to think bigger and broader, to solve more problems and generate more ideas. We’re here to revolutionize what has always been into what could possibly be.
Imagine what’s possible if growing was easier, more efficient, and foolproof. We have. BLOOM is the first step to an entirely new way to think about what you can grow and where you can grow it.
The future of growing is in BLOOM.