Intro to Cannabis Edibles

Intro to Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are one of the most popular forms of cannabis to consume today. And it's no wonder with various treats for people to indulge in, including brownies, cookies, gummies, and more.

The options when it comes to edibles are truly endless. If you're not looking to purchase edibles in-store, you may be wondering where you can find an edibles dosage guide to help with your measurements.

There's no need to look any further than below to find everything you need when it comes to finding the right dose for your edibles. Plus, we're going to share some edible recipes with you and help you kick off your edible stash.

Let's light things up with factors that may influence your personal dosage of cannabis.



If you're taking one that's too high, you're not going to enjoy the high because of the way it makes you feel. But, if your dose is too low, you're not going to feel anything at all.

Finding the right dosage level for yourself helps you find that sweet spot where you feel it, but you're not going overboard.

Tolerance Level

If you're someone that hasn't been using cannabis for a long time or at all, you might find that it will quickly take effect quicker. Simultaneously, someone who uses cannabis regularly will find that it might take a more cannabis to get the job done.

The reason for this is the more you ingest cannabis, the higher your tolerance becomes. This means that the next time you're looking to ingest cannabis, you'll need to increase your dosage slightly.

Cannabis Form

There are several forms that cannabis comes in, including:

  • Edibles
  • Butters
  • Tinctures
  • Salves
  • Oils

Depending on the form of cannabis you're using, it will take longer to take effect. Some forms of ingesting cannabis, like vaping or oil, take effect quicker because they're immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

Other forms of cannabis, like edibles or capsules, might take longer to be absorbed because they are working their way through your digestive system first. The fantastic thing is no matter what form you're using cannabis in; you will eventually feel its effects.

The Setting

Some people enjoy their cannabis with music or a funny show playing in the background. While other people enjoy it in group settings. If you're not in the right setting for yourself, it can affect how cannabis makes you feel.

How Many Edibles Should I Eat?

Have you ever told a friend that you would try an edible for the first time, and their first reaction was not eating too many? If so, they were giving you valuable advice that will ensure you don't ruin your experience.

The amount of cannabis that you should use within your edibles truly depends on your experience level when ingesting cannabis. Even if you're an avid smoker, your tolerance for edibles will start out lower since your body processes edibles differently than when you smoke cannabis.

Typically, if you purchase edibles from a place like a dispensary or an online retailer, you'll know what the dosage is beforehand.

There are some general effects that you'll feel, depending on the specific dosage.


If you're a beginner, you're not going to want your edibles to pack a considerable punch. If you use too much, you could find yourself "stuck" and unable to function.

For people just starting to experiment with edibles, start with 1 milligram of cannabis your first time. If this doesn't help you achieve the desired feeling, you can increase your dosage by .5 each time.

Occasional Users

If you're an occasional user of cannabis edibles, it's safe to say that you probably only indulge when you're with friends or in other social settings. And this is perfectly fine, but your tolerance for edibles still isn't going to be quite as high as someone that eats them regularly.

For those that are using them recreationally or as needed, you'll want to stick within the 2.5-milligram range. Again, if this doesn't work for you, we recommend slowly increasing the dosage that you're taking by .5 and monitoring the effects.

Constant User

If you're someone that finds themselves eating edibles every other day or every day, it's safe to say that you fall under the category of an experienced cannabis user. Because of your frequent use of cannabis, your tolerance is going to be higher, and you'll need to adjust your dosage accordingly.

For those finding it more challenging each time to achieve the same effects, you might want to up your dosage to 20 milligrams. It should be noted that as time continues, you'll likely need to continue increasing your dosage because of frequent use.

How Long Does It Take to Feel It?

Now for the good part, and you might have scanned through this cannabis edibles dosage guide to find this part. How long until you feel the effects of an edible once you've eaten them. As we stated, edibles are a form of cannabis that is going to take longer to kick in because of the way it was consumed.

However, one thing about edibles is they tend to sneak up on you. One moment you're not feeling anything, and the next moment you're feeling it all at once. It could take an hour or two hours for an edible to take effect completely.

The most common issues people face is they expect the edible to kick in quickly. When it doesn't kick in as quickly as they assumed it would, they choose to consume another.

Unfortunately, when you consume too many, it can cause you to become too high, and then you'll have to spend less time enjoying the feeling and more time trying to figure out when the feeling will be over.

What to Do If I Eat Too Many?

When you eat too many edibles, it may seem like forever until the effects have faded. Firstly, try and relax! The effects of cannabis will eventually pass, but there are some things that you can do when you've consumed more edibles than you should've.

Drink Some Water

The first thing we're going to recommend you do is to drink some water. Much like with other things in life, if you're not hydrated, it can make the way you're feeling much worse than you'd like it to be.

Eat Vitamin C

Vitamin C counters the effects of THC, so drinking some orange juice or eating a piece of citrus will help lessen the intense effects of your high.

Take Some CBD

Just like Vitamin C, CBD helps decrease the intensity of your high. If you're experiencing too much of a THC high, you can always take some CBD to help mellow out. 

Now for the fun part. You've got tons of knowledge when it comes to an edible dosage chart and factors that can influence your dosage. Now it's time to see what you've got and take one of these recipes for a spin.

Cannabis Brownies

This is probably the automatic edible when people think of the top edibles that they're going to want to try and that's brownies. You're going to need to gather some things before you can begin cooking.

Once you've collected all the things that you need, the recipe is easy to follow. Set your oven to 325 degrees, and as it heats up, begin combining your ingredients. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix until it's combined.

After it's combined, pour it into a greased baking pan. Place the mixture in the oven and allow it to cook for about 45 minutes. If you're unsure of whether it's done completely, place a toothpick through the middle.

If it comes out clean, take the brownies out and top with the ice cream of your choice to enjoy!

Edibles Dosage: Getting High Without Going Overboard

When you're looking for a quick edibles dosage chart, then we've got a handy calculator for you. If you're a beginner, you're going to start with a lower dosage than someone that's been eating edibles for longer.

If you're looking for more recipes or need to shop for a Magical Butter Machine head, keep scrolling through the site. We've got the ingredients you need as well as the kitchen supplies to do it.

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