CBD Dosage Guide

CBD Dosage Guide

According to research, the global cannabidiol (CBD) market is now worth over $4.6 billion. Thanks to all the research that illustrates the incredible healing properties of CBD, nearly everyone and their grandmother are now benefiting from using CBD. 

CBD can help with a wide array of symptoms and can fit most of your needs. The only problem is knowing how much CBD to take. There are many different doses for different purposes, and you must know which dose is right for you and your specific needs.

Additionally, the dose also depends on your tolerance, body type, and lifestyle. Taking too much CBD does not have serious adverse effects, yet it could cause nausea, drowsiness, and an upset stomach.

Thankfully, we've created this article to help you understand how much CBD to take. Keep on reading to learn more about finding the right CBD dosage for your needs.  

Why You Should Take CBD

It seems like every day there is new research coming out about another benefit of taking CBD. For example, in April, researchers in a Maryland lab discovered that CBD may have potent anti-inflammatory effects against those infected with COVID-19.

There are many myths about CBD, one being that it can make you feel "high". There are no psychoactive effects from CBD, as it comes from the hemp plant which has low amounts of THC and higher concentrations of CBD.

The psychoactive effects that many people think of are from a different cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what mainstream media speaks about with "getting high". 

That being said, you must know the right dosage for you so that you can reap the full benefits that CBD has to offer. 

CBD Dosage Factors

There are many different factors to consider to determine how much CBD to take. Check out the following considerations before learning more about CBD dosage: 

Body Type and Size

Just like many other natural remedies, your CBD dosage depends on your body weight and size. The higher your weight, the higher dosage of CBD you need to get the same effects as someone who is much thinner, who would need a much lower dosage.

A general rule of thumb for body weight and CBD may look something like:


Begin with 11 mg of CBD, then move your way up to 13 mg, then 15 mg for a higher dosage. 

Medium Set

Begin with 18 mg of CBD, then as you adjust, move up to 20 mg, then 25 for a higher dosage. 

Heavy Set

Depending on how heavy-set you are, you may need to start with 23 mg, then adjust to 25 mg, then move up to 31 mg when you feel ready.

Level of Tolerance or Experience

The more CBD you take over time, the more you will need to increase your dosage. This is similar to drugs and chemicals because your brain chemistry adjusts to involve it in your lifestyle. 

If you feel that your CBD was working well for you, and now isn't, this means that your body has adjusted to the dosage. If you want to continue on the same dosage with the same effects, hold off from CBD for a couple of days then try again.

CBD Concentration

Every CBD company, product, and tincture contain a different level of CBD concentration. The product you purchase must have a guide for their concentration levels. 

Recommended Effects

Everyone takes CBD for different reasons, but regardless it is imperative that you speak with your medical doctor before trying CBD, and that you do not take this guide as a prescription. Some medications and lifestyle habits do not work well with CBD, so you need to make sure you will not have any complications.

Different CBD Methods

Aside from the dosage factors, there are also multiple different methods to get the CBD into your body. Each method contains different levels of concentrations of CBD. 


Tinctures are alcohol-based and not as potent as CBD oils, however, they are known to taste much better. Because the tincture is sublingual, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream almost instantaneously. This means that you absorb it all, unlike an edible for example. 


Vapes are an alternative to smoking CBD, however, you should be careful with where you source your vape pen from. There are a lot of poorly-made vape pens on the market that could do more harm than good.

Vaping is more discreet than CBD, plus it gets absorbed into your bloodstream nearly instantly. This is more of a trial and error approach with dosage, as you may need to test it out until you reach that perfect place of calmness and pain reduction.  


Edibles include CBD drinks, fruit chewssoft-gel capsules, and any other oral method of consumption. Gummies and fruit chews are a very popular method of consuming CBD, yet, keep in mind that it has to pass through your digestive system which can take up to two hours. 

The effects with edibles can last much longer than other methods as they linger in the digestive system for quite some time.  

The dosage is easy to calculate as they are straight across the board with serving size and the mg of CBD is always listed in the ingredients. This can range from 3 mg to over 100 mg of CBD per serving of edibles.

Magical vegan fruit chews contain 25 mg of CBD per delicious gem, which is the perfect amount to feel the benefits of CBD. 

Topical CBD 

 If you are not a fan of ingesting CBD, another very common method is the topical use. This includes creams, lotions, salves, muscle rubs, ointments, and many more.

Topical CBD is a great method for relief. Topical CBD does take a bit longer to absorb into the body, so take your time and try not to be too liberal with it! 

Unlike oral or smoking methods, topical CBD never touches your endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. Instead, the topicals respond with the endocannabinoid receptors in the epidermis level of your skin. This is why topicals are best for those who need a more immediate relief.

Again, make sure you ask your doctor before you try any method of CBD.

How to Tell If the CBD Dosage is Right

It can take a bit of time to discover the right dosage of CBD for you, and even then you may need to change it up as your body will adjust to the dosage as you go. 

Generally, if you are taking the CBD for therapeutic effects you can tell if the dosage is right because it is starting to help with your symptoms.  

Learn More About How Much CBD to Take

Unfortunately, because everyone and their tolerance are so different, we cannot tell you exactly how much CBD to take. However, we can give suggestions and teach you about our products, how much CBD is in each method of consumption. 

Remember to speak with a medical professional before trying CBD for the first time, or changing your dosage level. There are not many doctors that specialize in alternative methods such as CBD so they may not be able to help you with dosage, however, they can determine if CBD will work for you.

Magical World CBD products range from various flavors of tinctures to soft-gels, vegan fruit chews, and topical CBD remedies. Each product contains the highest-quality cannabidiol available on the market today.

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